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Our famous Canadian Flag Collection is entirely composed of donated materials from individuals, organizations and corporations across Canada!

The Canadian Flag Collection

Canada's 2nd largest museum flag exhibit!
This special collection exhibits flags from all of Canada. We proudly display the flags of our country's history, corporations, regions, sports and special events, we are home to the second largest museum flag collection in Canada! The galleries below are just a sampling of what our permanent collection holds.
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4 beaver lumber
Historic & "Canadiana"
Corporate & Organizational
Special Occasions
Canadian Embassies
High Commision to Canada, Canberra Austr
United Nations, New York, USA
Guatemala City, Guatemala 2017
Bucharest, Romania
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Washinton, DC USA, 2014
Rome, Italy
Reykjavik, Iceland
Moscow, Russia
Juno Beach France
Beijing, China
Brasilia, Brazil
Caracas, Venezuela
Amman, Jordan
Berlin, Germany
Bogota, Colombia
Beunos Airies Argentina Embassy 2014
Pretoria, South Africa Embassy 2015_edit
Paris France Embassy 2015_edited
Guatemala City, Guatemala 2017
Havana, Cuba 2015
Beunos Airies Argentina Embassy 2014
Tel Aviv, Isreal Embassy 2015
Regional & Civic
Sport & Events
cfc 716 expo 86 vancouver
cfc 495 expo 67 montreal
cfc 905 BC 100th 1958
cfc 904 hudson bay happy birthday
cfc 781 canada centennial red
cfc 0641 red river selkirk settlement 200th
cfc 716 expo 86 vancouver
cfc 390 rcmp 100th
cfc 1562 union jack
cfc 783 Canadian Red Ensign green leaves
cfc 777
cfc 746 canadian red ensign 7 province cr
cfc 1646 canadian red ensign 9 prov
cfc 1635-45 canadian navy flag
#0052 canadian blue ensign cr
Museum Exhibits
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