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Argyle has a rich history

Our local history can be broken down into the following categories:
Early Settlement (1870-1912)​


Once the new province of Manitoba surveyed its vast lands, it began allowing people to homestead and settle. Once they arrived, early settlers began to clear the land, raise crops, livestock and families.

Railway History

In 1912, the Canadian Northern Railway built a branch-line from Grosse Isle to Inwood, MB. As it passed through the Argyle & Brant districts, a station site was chosen, in what is now the village of Argyle. Eventually a school, hall, grain elevator, blacksmith shop and a few stores sprang up around the small station.

The two world wars

The people of Argyle answered the call to arms in both world wars, some of them never to return home. Each November, the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #222 honours these men and women who served our country.

Veterans of the Brant-Argyle Region History book is now available for sale.

Argyle Curling Club
75th years!

In every small prairie town, the curling rink is the center of winter recreation. In 2014, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of this important institution with an off-site exhibit in the rink itself (January 10-12th, 2014)

Brant-Argyle School
100 years!

On October 5, 1914, the Brant Consolidated School was officially opened by school inspector Best. In 2014, we celebrate 100 years of education and community spirit with an off-site exhibit in the school (September 2014-June 2016)

Post Office History
Since 1870

Over the years, mail has been the connection between Argyle and the rest of the world. Letters, parcels, money orders and catelogues came and went through our four local postal agencies. This is the history of those important offices.

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