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Manitoba Brick Collection

Our province's only masonry history collection!
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The story of bricks


Years ago, Manitoba had almost 200 brick manufacturing locations across the province. The millions of bricks that were created were used in homes, businesses and civic structures.

With over 600 samples of Manitoba brick, clay/shale samples, written documents & archival materials, our collection is growing.


Now Open!

The Exhibition


Created by the museum's volunteers, the exhibit outlines the history of brickmaking in Manitoba from the 1860s to 1990s. Important people, places, tools, equipment, artifacts & brick samples can be viewed. In addition, models of various styles of brick making kilns, costumes of brickmakers and a childrens' Lego table are included in this unique display.

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Future Brick Building (2028)
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The museum is working towards a stand-alone structure on our park property, dedicated to this important part of our shared heritage.

This Exhibition has been funded in part by:

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Heritage Grant Program

Rural Municipality of Rockwood

Rural Municipality of Woodlands

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